Sergio Sánchez Padilla


I am a passionate searcher, researcher, thinker and rethinker of anything that has been, that could have been, that is being, that will be being or that might come into being. My main field of specialization is cognitive linguistics. Also, I teach English as a foreign language in Mexico. In addition, I love studying cognitive neuroscience, the history of Indo-European languages, evolutionary biology, primatology, psychology, anthropology, philosophy, mythology, world history, particle physics, geography, Russian literature, Renaissance writers, graphic design, as well as information and communication technologies (ICTs).

I have built this website in order to assemble my personal production and interests, as well as resources of all the wonderful people from whom I learn something new every day.

Several pages of my website are empty at the moment (as I haven't found the time to fill them up with everything that I have in mind), but I will work them out over the course of the following months. Meanwhile, I hope that you can find something useful from what is already set in place.


Sergio SP.